In response to the state of New York's decision to bed down the rights of women to an abortion, conservative commentators and various right-leaning and Republican commentators have gone into overdrive condemning the 'baby murder law.' To quote the section that has some folk frothing at the mouth: "The law also addresses late-term abortions. Under [...]


World War (exhibits through R to ) Z

A few Facebook friends have jokingly told me they have a betting pool on how quickly I will exhaust the letters of the alphabet in my presentation of Donald Trump's sheer insanity - the most generous (for Trump) being Valentine's Day; the least generous being 7 February (not 2016). Of course, they must be joking, [...]


Not all things in life are cut and dried - some things are 'true' (very likely) by weight of evidence. In fact, most things are. A fingerprint on the murder weapon proves the accused handled the weapon, but not necessarily that the accused used it to murder the victim. Combined with a motive and evidence that [...]


On His Whiteness

This blog post is inspired by two recent interactions on Twitter - interactions which provoked introspection, and which demanded a response that I could not find a way to condense into batches of 144 characters. The first, by @Reagoikanya, challenged me on being willing to interact on mundane or lighthearted topics, while avoiding issues that require more [...]


Incest is one of society's oldest, and most well-known, taboos; having sex with close family members is generally frowned upon (that's a BIG frown). And with good reason - genetics being what it is, children born of incestuous relationships have a good chance of being born (or not born, in some cases) with mild to [...]


Real men don’t eat green cupcakes

Imagine, for a moment, that you come to visit my house. When you arrive, I invite you in, offer you a seat, and place a tray of delicious-looking cupcakes before you – some green and some gold. As I leave the room to answer the telephone, I say, “Don’t eat the green ones.” What would [...]

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The wooden mic in all of us

Most of us should be familiar with the format of Reality TV talent competitions such as Idols, Got Talent or Masterchef - hopeful amateur contenders audition for a shot at stardom, in front of a panel of experts (to varying degrees), before competing against their peers in a series of competitive rounds. Eventually, after the less [...]


I’m Not Racist, But…

It has not been an uncommon experience for me to hear a conversation begin with the words, "I'm not racist, but..." Invariably, those words are an introduction for something racist. And for many years, racism such as this has been socially acceptable in South Africa, sometimes even a requirement for acceptance into the social circle. I'm not [...]


You are Guilty of Gender Violence. Yes, You.

I don't exactly have a rule against wearing a ribbon during this period of Sixteen Days of Activism against Gender Violence. But as a general guideline, I don't buy into these sorts of awareness campaigns that require the wearing of special attire to highlight social issues. And I'll tell you why, now that I've offended my [...]


The Best Not-Backwards Marriage Advice

I'm married. I'm also the sort of person who likes to have a thorough understanding of the things I do, as opposed to just winging it. As such, I can claim my fair share of reading relationship advice. I've read Men are from Mars... (insert obvious and over-used Uranus joke). I've read about the Love Languages. I've [...]