Big Thoughts

In response to the state of New York's decision to bed down the rights of women to an abortion, conservative commentators and various right-leaning and Republican commentators have gone into overdrive condemning the 'baby murder law.' To quote the section that has some folk frothing at the mouth: "The law also addresses late-term abortions. Under [...]


World War (exhibits through R to ) Z

A few Facebook friends have jokingly told me they have a betting pool on how quickly I will exhaust the letters of the alphabet in my presentation of Donald Trump's sheer insanity - the most generous (for Trump) being Valentine's Day; the least generous being 7 February (not 2016). Of course, they must be joking, [...]


Not all things in life are cut and dried - some things are 'true' (very likely) by weight of evidence. In fact, most things are. A fingerprint on the murder weapon proves the accused handled the weapon, but not necessarily that the accused used it to murder the victim. Combined with a motive and evidence that [...]


On His Whiteness

This blog post is inspired by two recent interactions on Twitter - interactions which provoked introspection, and which demanded a response that I could not find a way to condense into batches of 144 characters. The first, by @Reagoikanya, challenged me on being willing to interact on mundane or lighthearted topics, while avoiding issues that require more [...]


Incest is one of society's oldest, and most well-known, taboos; having sex with close family members is generally frowned upon (that's a BIG frown). And with good reason - genetics being what it is, children born of incestuous relationships have a good chance of being born (or not born, in some cases) with mild to [...]