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The Best Not-Backwards Marriage Advice

I'm married. I'm also the sort of person who likes to have a thorough understanding of the things I do, as opposed to just winging it. As such, I can claim my fair share of reading relationship advice. I've read Men are from Mars... (insert obvious and over-used Uranus joke). I've read about the Love Languages. I've [...]


Internet vigilantes and the dentist

Somewhere in Africa, a famous lion was killed by a now infamous dentist with a bow and arrow.  Everywhere else in the world, people are upset. Very upset. Based on the merits of the case as presented by the internet, the lion was hunted illegally. But I don't want to talk in depth today about the very convoluted [...]


Whose fault is a rape?

On the surface of it, this is a stupid question. And when you dig a little deeper, it's also a stupid question - a rape is always the fault of the rapist. But there is one particular semantic argument that tends to cause confusion, and which I admit to having struggled with myself. And that is [...]

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Racially Trans

Recently, two people have been publicly outed amidst much criticism as 'ethnic frauds' - Rachel_Dolezal was outed as 'not black' in June, and more recently Andrea Smith was outed as 'not Cherokee'. I have no intention of adding my own criticism or defence to these two specific situations, which are no doubt fantastically complicated. However, I [...]


Confirmation bias, in plain English, is the tendency to notice things that confirm what we already believe. It’s why it’s always so much easier to notice the mistakes of people we don’t like than to recognise their virtues. While we like to think that people’s mistakes only confirm our dislike for them, it’s more often [...]

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