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Tangerine Terror – Exhibits A through O or so.

Not all things in life are cut and dried – some things are ‘true’ (very likely) by weight of evidence. In fact, most things are. A fingerprint on the murder weapon proves the accused handled the weapon, but not necessarily that the accused used it to murder the victim. Combined with a motive and evidence that the accused was at the scene of the crime – two other pieces of evidence that in isolation would not constitute proof either – you have a strong case for murder. Even then, you require at least one and often more people to evaluate the evidence. As we have often seen, even given the same evidence, people do not always arrive at the same conclusion.

Consider our very own Oscar Pistorious, who has been found guilty of varying degrees of person-killing by two different courts, while many still remain convinced of his innocence. :-\

On the basis of evidence, I believe that Donald Trump is very, very dangerous. I’ve seen, and been involved in, many conversations in which Donald Trump has been defended – Let’s Wait And See, He’s Good for Business, I Agree with Some of his Policies, Hillary was Just as Bad. Every one of those discussions was completely justified in isolation – in the same way that one would dispute fingerprints on a murder weapon or motive for a murder. My evaluation of the evidence may have been different, but each of those points of view have had some merit, in the past.

In my opinion, it is now no longer possible to defend Trump as ‘not too bad’. While each piece of evidence in isolation can legitimately be defended, the complete body of evidence considered together is overwhelming. That has been the purpose of my catalogue of evidence on Facebook. If I had been wrong about Trump, my posts would have petered out after a few days, starved of subject matter – they haven’t. And with each additional exhibit, the case against Donald Trump as “a very bad dude” grows.

(On the topic of having been ‘right’ – I make no assertion of superiority. Until Donald Trump was elected, there was still a reasonable possibility that he was just run-of-the-mill bad. My opinion, like everyone else’s, was just an opinion – fingerprints on a murder weapon, but without a motive or reliable chronology of events. Some who had studied him closely might have had good reason to doubt, though sadly the waters were muddied for the rest of us by those who claimed to have studied him closely and disagreed.)

I am taking my analysis of Trump off Facebook, and moving it here. Not everyone is a fan of my evidence catalogue. I can understand that one might find it stressful or boring. I can also understand that you might feel that my strategy for dealing with Trump is lacking. (As a pedlar of information, I think that having access to information is a crucial part of any strategy, but I can see that you might differ). I can even understand that you might have a nihilistic philosophy in which Trump is inevitable but not surprising.

I would only hope that nobody who has studied the evidence remains either a Trump apologist, or even a neutral bystander hoping to be overlooked in the ensuing chaos.

One last point – Trump is definitely destructive. That does not mean he will succeed on an apocalyptic scale. But my opinion is that if he is not opposed, then the consequences will be devastating.

Here is a list of exhibits A through O (later additions will be added in separate posts), collated from my Facebook timeline:

Exhibit A, in which Donald Duck cripples the health and sexual well-being of women worldwide: The global gag order. For additional recent context, I provide a statement by Doctors Without Borders on the decision.

Exhibit B, in which The Tangerine Terrorist backs Big Oil, fucks the environment and fucks America’s indigenous population yet again, by backing the Keystone and Dakota pipelines.

Exhibit C, in which I provide a link to an article from the sensationalist news organisation Breitbart – one of many articles like it. Steve Bannon, former executive chair of Breitbart, left that organisation to work with Trump on his campaign, and is now Trump’s Secretary of State. If you think it’s a good idea to have a man who openly endorsed racism and misogyny as Secretary of State, I don’t know what to say to you. If you think Trump can appoint a man with openly racist and misogynistic views without endorsing them, I don’t know what to say to you.

Exhibit D, in which the Drumpf begins his clampdown on US scientists presenting climate change data to the public. While a sceptical view on climate change is broadly defensible (even in the face of near-consensus), suppressing debate through autocratic elimination of opposing opinion is not.

Exhibit E, which I deliberately sourced from Fox News in the interests of demonstrating that Dumbnut Trump is mad even through rose-tinted camera lenses, presents Donald Trumps decision to build an actual, honest-to-god concrete wall a thousand-odd kilometres long and billing it to Mexico. WARNING: The fox news link opens a video with sound that plays automatically. Because it’s Fox News.

Exhibit F, in which Trump deliberately undermines the media and also the First Amendment  – an action which possibly motivated the Second Amendment. I should point out that undermining the media is a crucial weapon in the arsenal (ha ha) of any up-and-coming dictator, especially when considered alongside gag orders on scientists, and fake news.

Exhibit G, in which Hair Furher’s senior staff use a private email server. This despite the fact that much of their campaign against Hillary rested on her use of a private email server. Admittedly there are some devils in the details, but double standards aren’t a thing in DT’s vocab.

Exhibit H, which should really be a hate crime, in which the Mango Mussolini all but incites violence against immigrants by publishing a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants. Singling out minorities as ‘common enemy’ is another one from the Hatemongers Handbook.

Exhibit I, Donald Trump’s first presidential interview, in which the Cinnamon Hitler basically confirms that he was not misunderstood with regards to any of his prior insane actions. “So Donald, your spokesman is saying you didn’t see the puppy there…” “No, no. I hate puppies. I totally kicked that puppy. Everyone agrees, it was a bad puppy.” Some key takeaways is that the D thinks torture is fine, that America should have stolen Iraqi oil, and that Donald thinks a lot of himself.

Exhibit J is no big deal, but one imagines that spelling the names of foreign leaders correctly is very high on the priority list of an administration that isn’t using it’s time plotting world domination.

Exhibit KKK is currently The Big One that’s distracting us all from the Other Big Ones, but is admittedly pretty bad. Genghis Can’t has blanket-suspended travel from predominantly Muslim countries that Genghis Can’t says are “full of bad people”. Without money. I added “without money” because he hasn’t suspended visas from the few countries whose citizens have committed actual terror attacks – he has business interests in those countries. (But note that American citizens have died to terror attacks at the hands of fellow American citizens far more often than they have died at the hands of foreign attacks, so even the core argument is ridiculous. Anecdotally, the first terror attack on North American soil following Trumps ban was by a white supremacist, against Muslims. )

Exhibit L questions whether Trump is even a good businessman (He’s a Total Asshole But At Least He’s A Good Businessman, Right?) for The American People when he fails to negotiate that Mexico pay for the wall, or even understand how to MAKE Mexico pay for the wall. (Youtube link). Admittedly, after multiple bankruptcies, refusing to release his tax returns, and other scandals many have questioned his business skills since before he was elected.

Exhibit M is yet another bit of high level incompetence that suggests Trump-Trump’s people either don’t care or can’t cope – Sean Spicer retweeting The Onion, but saying exactly what we all think. To be fair, I’m sure, every administration has had a few gaffes. But we South African’s should be familiar with the feeling that a specific government official was chosen for compliance over skill.

I detoured via Exhibit “S for Oh Shit” to highlight the seriousness of appointing the former head of a malicious media organisation to the security council. I can’t even.

Exhibit N in which White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer reveals the grand design seen in fallen democracies so often it’s basically the first chapter in the Hatemongers Handbook, right before ‘sow distrust of the media’. Undermine everything, while using pretty words. If Jacob Zuma said he was dissolving the Public Protectors office (He can’t do that. Can he?) to streamline governments ability to act on behalf of the people, we’d all know what he meant.

I added two exhibit N’s on Facebook, which, fortunately for me, both represent the same piece of evidence about undermining the fundamental building blocks of democracy in order to facilitate autocratic rule. Could it be true that the intent of the Trump administration is to deliberately topple democracy, as opposed to just bumbling around stupidly? Who knows? It’s not like it’s happened anywhere else before. (That was sarcasm).

Exhibit O, in which Demagogue Donald signs an executive order I still don’t fully understand – something about dropping two rules for every new rule introduced in an effort to reduce rules relating to small businesses.

Exhibit (grab her by the) P(ussy). I know, so predictable.  As predictable as Donald P-G Trump should be by the end of this post. Because struggling to understand subtle sexism is bad enough, but bragging about sexual assault is quite another, and defending it is strike 3. (I mixed metaphors there, didn’t I?).

Exhibit Q, new to my list of exhibits, but not “new” new, is that Donald Trump refuses to divest from his business interests. Which is unethical and perhaps unconstitutional but not illegal (it’s complicated). This means that the decisions Trump takes as president directly benefit or harm his business interests. Or more likely, benefit his businesses and harm everyone else. Look, let’s assume Donald means well (have you been reading my links??)…which human being on the face of the planet can be expected to consistently decide against himself for four years running? Nobody, that’s who, and that’s why sensible democracies have checks and balances and why presidents before Trump have all divested.

I do not pretend to be impartial. While I have presented evidence against Donald Trump…many pieces of evidence…I think it is unnecessary to give him the benefit of the doubt in the tone of this post. I am not lawyer. If the evidence presented here (and I expect to have no trouble collecting more) does not convince you that Donald Trump is unfit to stand as president of the United States, and is a clear and present danger to the whole world, then I can only assume that nothing will convince you, and our basic assumptions are worlds apart.

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  • Octavo 31 January 2017, 1:35 pm

    Self censorship in the interest of not annoying your FB friends? Perhaps you should reevaluate that strategy. Of course it’s your decision, but not one I would expect from you.

    • Chris 31 January 2017, 1:57 pm

      Although I considered it at length, as you would have expected from me. It’s not so much a matter of not annoying people as it is about annoying them in the optimal way.

      I can and will still share my blog posts on Facebook, just less often than twice a day, which means those who are interested can still see them and the rest don’t feel spammed. Getting muted isn’t the end of my day, but it doesn’t really achieve the goal of information sharing if people just opt out.

      In addition, collation into the blog means that the posts are more easily shared as a whole, and viewed in context. Even with my fantastic naming convention, Facebook is a little disorganised and posts can get misplaced.

      Nevertheless, your point stands as one I consider to be important…reneging on one’s principles for the sake of prickly feelings is a dangerous road, and I welcome your challenging me on it.

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